USAP Community School: Centering Africa

It’s 7 February 2022 – my first day as a Usaper. Normally, you would expect a lecture on how your classes would be, but alas, there is a test. The most fascinating thing is that it’s not a math test, chemistry or biology test, but rather an African map test. Yes, you read right, an … Continue reading USAP Community School: Centering Africa

USAP Community School 2023 Capstone Showcase

Curiosity is one of the elements assessed when selecting USAP Community School students. This skill becomes pivotal when one takes the Capstone course in their final year. At the beginning of the final year, each upper six student identifies an issue of concern in his or her community and then spends the year researching and … Continue reading USAP Community School 2023 Capstone Showcase

USAPCS Finalist for Zayed Sustainability Prize

Congratulations to the USAP Community School student sustainability team for being selected as a finalist in the Global Schools competition for the Zayed Sustainability Prize! Our school is one of three finalists for the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and among the 33 finalists for all prize categories chosen from 5,213 submissions. Students and a faculty member … Continue reading USAPCS Finalist for Zayed Sustainability Prize

Uniquely USAP-Africa Day

Contrary to popular perceptions and perspectives, Africa is neither a country nor a continent. Instead, it’s a planet that is home to myriads and millions who treasure and find pleasure in their homeland, diverse cultures, vibrant traditions and most importantly Africanicity. If 25 May 2023 was a person, then her visit to USAP Community School … Continue reading Uniquely USAP-Africa Day

Uniquely USAP : Intersession

At the end of 1st and 2nd term USAP Community School hosts Intersession. Intersession is an opportunity for USAP students to explore new skills, experiences and classes that they would not otherwise take at the secondary school level and to apply . For four days after their end-of-term final exams, students take intensive, hands-on intersession … Continue reading Uniquely USAP : Intersession