Celebrating Africa Day 2024 at USAPCS

The 2024 Africa Day celebration at USAP Community School’s new campus in Marondera was a vibrant and culturally rich event that brought together students, staff, and alumni to commemorate the diversity and heritage of the African continent. The day was filled with a variety of exciting activities that showcased the talents and creativity of the students, ranging from modeling and dance performances to poetry and musical showcases.

One of the highlights of the event was the modeling showcase, where students had the opportunity to strut their stuff on the runway, showcasing traditional African attire as well as modern fashion designs. This segment not only celebrated African fashion but also provided a platform for students to express themselves creatively and build confidence.

The presidential procession added a touch of formality to the festivities, with student leaders embodying leadership qualities as they paraded through the campus. This segment emphasized the importance of leadership and governance in shaping Africa’s future.

Dance performances infused energy and rhythm into the event, with students showcasing traditional African dances as well as contemporary choreography. Musical performances brought melodious tunes and harmonies to the celebration, with students showcasing their vocal talents and instrumental skills.

Poetry performances offered a platform for students to share their thoughts, emotions, and reflections through spoken word. From celebrating African resilience to addressing social issues, these poetic expressions resonated with the audience and highlighted the power of words in storytelling.

In addition to the engaging activities, attendees were treated to rich African food with a well-prepared breakfast and lunch.

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