USAPCS Code Crusaders come first at TeXpo ‘24 Hackathon

Congratulations to the Code Crusaders: Hazel Ncube, Hitahlula Shimbani, Mbusiseni Khumalo and Denise Antonio, a Team from USAP Community School, for coming first at the TeXpo ‘24 Hackathon.

The TeXpo ‘24 Hackathon, held from 22 to 25 April 2024, brought together brilliant young minds from various schools and universities to tackle pressing issues in today’s world. Among the competing teams were Zimuto High, Star Leadership Academy, Dominican Convent, Petra College, Wise Owl, Arrupe Jesuit University, and the University of Ghana.The competitors had to bring a solution to the problem of hot car deaths.

Hazel and Denise working on the bot

Hot car deaths refer to tragic incidents where children or pets are left unattended in vehicles during warm weather conditions. These situations can lead to fatal heat stroke within minutes due to the rapid rise in temperature inside the car. 

The Code Crusaders stood out with their innovative bot. Their ingenious solution consisted of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and temperature and humidity sensors. This combination allowed their device to monitor not only the presence of these potentially harmful gasses but also the temperature and humidity levels inside the vehicle. Additionally, it was equipped with a motion sensor that could detect any movement within the car. If any motion is detected, a fan would start running and an alert, with the conditions in the car, would be sent to the parents’ phone via text message.

The Code Crusaders presenting the prototype

Throughout the competition, the Code Crusaders faced numerous challenges since it was their first ever hackathon challenge but they never gave up on their vision. They persevered through long hours of coding and debugging their system until they achieved success. Their determination paid off as they emerged victorious at the TeXpo ‘24 Hackathon and were tied for first place with Petra College. They won a Raspberry pi kit and a fully-funded trip to Capetown. Their innovative solution not only showcased their exceptional problem-solving skills but also demonstrated their commitment.

Special thanks to Shaun Sibanda, and Tawanashe Makuvaza for volunteering to be the students’ patrons and keeping them motivated throughout the event.

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