USAPCS Shines at 2024 NIAA Music Festival

USAP Community School students recently showcased their exceptional talents and dedication at the 2024 NIAA Music Festival held throughout February. Across all the categories they entered – Mbira, Marimba, Vocals, and other African Instruments, they gave remarkable performances and received Honors and First grades. These accolades reflect not only individual talent but also the collaborative spirit and collective effort that defines the school’s performing arts community. 

The exceptional achievements of USAP Community School’s students at the NIAA Music Festival reflect the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in everything done on campus. Since its opening in 2020, the popularity of the performing arts has grown on campus highlighting the importance of holistic education and extracurricular activities. Moreover, the fact that the students competed in categories featuring African music and instruments underscores the Centering Africa theme that is at the heart of everything done at USAP.

As USAP Community School celebrates its students’ success at the NIAA Music Festival, it also reaffirms its position as a hub for transformative education and supporting students as they grow, learn, and discover their passions. Congratulations to all the participating students for their exceptional performances this year!


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2 thoughts on “USAPCS Shines at 2024 NIAA Music Festival

  1. These Education Matters updates are wonderful, and I read each new blog entry regularly, as soon as it comes in. Great work.

    I wonder if we could include a link to “general information” about USAP-CS (our edMatters site – – but hopefully to a new website soon) plus short USAP videos to which people can refer, and some basic statistics about the school. The latter might include how many students in each class (L6, U6), how many graduates each year have been accepted to University (in Africa + outside Africa), etc. This would help put some context to what we are reading, especially if we circulate the blogs (as I do) to prospective donors and friends.

    Keep up your good work and thanks again,

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