In 2021-22, EducationUSA, in partnership with Education Matters, provided a unique opportunity for 50 Zimbabwean high school career and college counselors to be part of a professional development program. The program trained, supported and empowered counselors who play a vital role in assisting students in applying internationally and in particular to U.S universities for admission and scholarship.

The program began in September 2021 and was delivered over 10 months through a series of virtual and in-person workshops. The professional development helped high school counselors build and strengthen the university and career counseling programs at their schools.  The program also published a monthly newsletter to share resources with all counselors regardless of enrolment in the Counselors Program. 

At the conclusion of the program, the counselors involved formed an Executive Committee which travelled to the US to learn more about colleges and universities there and the application process and ultimately formed CAAZ, The Career Advisors Association of Zimbabwe. 

The Career Advisors Association of Zimbabwe (CAAZ), a network of college and career advisors at secondary schools across Zimbabwe, officially launched in November 2022. CAAZ grew from the College Counselor training program that Education Matters implemented in 2021 coordinated by Kim Rodriguez and funded by Education USA.