Welcoming Our New Head of School, Ellen Mutambara Mapiko

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Ellen Mutambara Mapiko (Mai Mapiko) as our new Head of the USAP Community School, beginning July 1, 2024. Mai Mapiko brings with her a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to inclusive education, making her an exemplary leader for our school community.

Mai Mapiko is a seasoned educator who has worked in both national and international curriculums in Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Mozambique. She has held a variety of positions in the education sector – teaching English Language, Literature, and Psychology, as a school psychologist, Key Stage 5 Head, and recently, Pedagogical Director at Maputo International School.

Facilitating teen mentorship program with A level students and parents

Mai Mapiko is also a researcher who has made significant academic contributions to the field of education. Her work focuses on the impact of educational programs on marginalized communities, particularly those in rural Zimbabwe as well as refugee communities. She seeks to find solutions and advocates for policy changes to address the needs of vulnerable children and promote equality and inclusivity in education. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology of Education with UNISA, holds an M.Ed in Psychology of Education from Great Zimbabwe University, and a B.Ed. in English from the University of Zimbabwe.

Outside of academics, Mai Mapiko’s passions are as diverse as her professional pursuits. She actively engages in organizing Model United Nations conferences, as well as in World Scholars, Debate, Music, and Poetry, leveraging these platforms to foster critical thinking and creativity among students. Furthermore, Mai Mapiko’s commitment extends beyond the school walls. Her extensive voluntary work at the Tongogara Refugee Camp, alongside her husband, Wilfred Mapiko, who is involved in humanitarian aid and education work for refugee youth, underscores her belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities.

Join us in welcoming Mai Mapiko to our USAP community as we embark on this exciting journey together toward educational excellence!

Mai Mapiko introducing a guest speaker at Model UN Conference in Maputo

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  1. Welcome Mai Mapiko!! We’re so delighted to have you with us and leading the USAP Community School!

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