USAPCS ‘23 College Readiness Weekend

The USAP Community School Class of 2023, after graduating in November 2023, was reunited at the school’s new campus in Marondera for a college readiness weekend from 21 to 23 June. This was a momentous occasion, marking not only the first time the class was experiencing the new campus but also a crucial step in their journey toward higher education. The orientation, designed by the Class of 2023 Alumni Committee, was to equip the whole class with the necessary information and resources to navigate the transition to college life smoothly.

The heart of the weekend was the series of information sessions designed to guide the students through the complexities of college life. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including academic expectations, campus life and resources, and career planning and exploration to mention a few. This would not have been possible without the presentations from the USAPCS Faculty and the Education Matters Office staff most of whom are USAP Alumni who have studied outside the country.

The pre-departure orientation was not just about information dissemination; it was also a time for reflection and excitement. The class had the opportunity to share their aspirations, anxieties, and hopes for the future. They were encouraged to support each other, build strong bonds, and embrace the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. To perfect this, they had a hike in the enchanting forest around campus and a dinner on Saturday evening where they had amazing food, conversations, music, and dance.

We are firmly confident that the forty-two individuals from the Class of 2023 possess unique gifts and purposes in their lives that they will pursue and fulfill. After two years of living under the USAPCS honor code, they are now prepared to face the true challenge of living by it and leading lives defined by curiosity, integrity, service, and equality.

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