20 Interns for 2024 ZCC Program

Our 2024 Zimbabwe Career Connect (ZCC) Internship Program has successfully placed 20 interns at 14 different organizations, set for a deep and immersive experience in the local professional landscape. ZCC is a unique opportunity for Zimbabwean college students studying abroad to gain valuable work experience across various sectors on-site in Zimbabwe. Our role is to pair Zimbabwean students with Zimbabwean companies and organizations for two-month internships in June/July with the goal of them having a hands-on internship program with a lot of learning opportunities so they can use the experience to navigate and influence their class choices as they progress in college.

ZCC ’23 Cohort

On the first of June, the interns participating in the ZCC Internship Program attended an onboarding session. During this session, they were briefed on essential information and guidelines for successfully integrating into the Zimbabwean work environment for the summer. This orientation covered aspects such as transitioning back home after some time, workplace expectations, project details, and networking opportunities with fellow interns in the program. The interns will continue having weekly sessions at the Education Matters office for the duration of the program.

One of the key highlights of the 2024 ZCC Internship Program is its flexibility in accommodating different dates for the program. This adaptability allowed us to have a larger cohort than the previous years. Some of the interns attended the first two weekly meetings online together with the rest of the interns that are already in Zimbabwe. This is for them to gain more information and orientation as they wait for their internship start date.

Terence ZCC ’23 Onsite at Uncommon.org

Throughout their internship placements at various organizations, the ZCC interns have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse sectors within Zimbabwe. From business and finance to healthcare and technology, each intern has been exposed to different facets of the country’s professional landscape. This exposure not only broadens their understanding of Zimbabwe’s economy but also equips them with valuable skills and insights that can shape their future career paths.

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