10 Rise Finalists attributed to Education Matters

Education Matters, Rise’s partner in Zimbabwe, played a pivotal role in the success story of 10 out of the selected 500 Rise Global Finalists in the 2023-2024 application round, three of which are USAP Community School students. This is a significant increase in the number of finalists directly supported by Education Matters, rising from five in the previous year. The doubling of finalists was a remarkable achievement and showcased the growing popularity and success of the program in Zimbabwe. Among these 10 finalists, 9 were Zimbabwean students, while one hailed from Morocco but is studying in South Africa through ALA (African Leadership Academy). The common thread among these finalists was their association with us as their partner organization in Zimbabwe.

Monthly Rise Meeting at Education Matters

Rise is a program that finds promising young people in the world and provides them with opportunities that allow them to work together to serve others over their lifetimes. Education Matters played a crucial role in the Rise for the World 2023 application round by actively engaging with students and spreading awareness about this opportunity. Our team utilized various strategies to reach out to potential applicants and provide them with the necessary information and support throughout the application process. One of the key initiatives taken by our team was the distribution of printed flyers containing details about the Rise program. These flyers were then distributed to affiliate organizations, who further disseminated them among students within their networks. This approach helped in reaching a wider audience and generating interest in the Rise program.

Rise Outreach Bulawayo

Education Matters went a step further by directly engaging with schools in Harare and beyond. We distributed program descriptions and flyers at 16 schools in Harare, ensuring that students were well-informed about the Rise opportunity. Additionally, we conducted presentations at five schools in Harare, providing students with detailed insights into the program and its benefits. We did not limit our outreach efforts to Harare but also traveled to other locations to promote the Rise program. Our Youth Programs Coordinator, Betty Mafemera and Rise Intern Kudakwashe Chikovo, Rise Finalists’ 21 and USAPCS’ 23, conducted presentations at Gweru (American Corner), Kotwa High, Bulawayo (NUST American Corner), and Chinhoyi 1 High, reaching out to students from diverse backgrounds and regions. This proactive approach helped in creating awareness about Rise on a broader scale.

In addition to physical engagements, we hosted bi-weekly virtual community development sessions via WhatsApp where we interacted with approximately 700 students regarding the Rise application. These sessions provided a platform for students to ask questions, seek guidance, and gain a better understanding of the application process. Moreover, we offered one-on-one call and or text sessions on Fridays to assist students individually, addressing queries related to eligibility criteria, Rise’s mission and goals, and the overall application process.

Rise Outreach Gweru

To ensure continuous support and guidance for applicants, we hosted monthly in-person meetings at our Education Matters offices. These meetings served as an opportunity for students to receive personalized assistance, clarify doubts, and receive mentorship throughout their Rise application journey.

Congratulations to the ten finalists and we wish them all the best as they progress to the next stage of their Rise challenge.

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  1. This is fantastic news and a testament to the effective support and mentorship provided by Education Matters. The significant increase in finalists, particularly those from the USAP Community School, highlights the impactful guidance and resources that are empowering students in Zimbabwe to excel on a global stage. The diversity of the finalists, including international students benefiting from the program, further illustrates the reach and positive influence of your efforts. Congratulations to all involved—this achievement not only reflects the hard work of the students but also the dedication of Education Matters in nurturing future leaders. Keep up the great work!

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