EdMatters Updates Creates Opportunities!

In 2021 Education Matters’ intern, USAP alum Silvia Ruwocha, reacted to the many calls and visitors asking how they could access information about scholarship opportunities. She launched a Whatsapp Updates Group, EdMatters Updates, that has expanded to reach over 1000 people in four admin posting only groups. The purpose of EdMatters Updates, which has posts several times each week, is to help students and young people gain information and access to opportunities on a wider scale. Though our other social media platforms have proven to be very engaging in celebrating what we and our students do, the Whatsapp groups have far exceeded our expectations. EdMatters Updates offers students a low-data, low-cost way to get a closer look at many opportunities and scholarships available to them.

Here are some of the stories from individuals who previously had not been part of Education Matters’ programs, but have accessed opportunities through our Whatsapp Updates Groups:

Betserai Albert Magarire

“For most students in Zimbabwe, going to the United States is a dream one would never want to wake up from. It’s an ambition that takes a lot of time, patience and hard work to get to fulfillment. I was intorduced to Education Matters by a role model of mine who had previously come across a scholarship opportunity through them. I had a lot of inquiries on what Education Matters was, and what it did until I joined their Whatsapp group where they post updates about scholarships, funding opportunities, career guidance and everything else related to advancing higher education. When I saw the advert for the YYGS program on Education Matters Updates group, I started my application.

I got most of the guidance to how to apply from the Education Matters website. I applied for the YYGS Solving Global Challenges Session 2023 and I was accepted during Early Decision. Considering my background, I submitted honest information about my family’s income and I applied for need based financial assistance. The tuition for the YYGS programme is $6500, and for me I had to pay only $500 and the rest was waived. Accommodation, Health Insurance, Food, and other necessities are being paid by the organisers of the programme. All I have to do was just provide for my flight to the main campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and back home.

The programme is set to start on the 18th of June 2023, and I am sure it’s going to be a blast! All thanks to Education Matters! “

“Hello, my name is Rachel Muzondo. I am an English teacher in Gweru. I am in the Whatsapp group where the update was posted. I applied for the Fulbright TEA program from one of these adverts and I was successful. I went to the USA in the Fall Cohort of 2022 , with two other Zimbabweans. We spent 6 weeks in America learning new methodologies of teaching, sharing cultures with teachers from all over the world, understanding the US education system and cultures and having fun of course. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, totally life changing.”

Innocent Musora

“After applying to an opportunity that was linked to Education Matters and didn’t go well due to some complications, my phone number was saved in the Education Matters database. I was invited to join an EdMatters Updates Whatsapp group and I joined. In that group they send various opportunities. I came across an interesting opportunity called Yale Young African Scholars program(YYAS 2022). Education Matters played an important role in motivating me to finish my application and reminding me about the deadline and requirements. I finished the application on the day of the deadline and I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the program. I am a proud YYAS Alumnus now.”

Education Matters currently has 4 updates groups on Whatsapp where we regularly post opportunities including scholarships and summer programs for high school students and recent graduates, as well sometimes as teachers and college counselors. Join a group using one of the links below and discover your next opportunity today!

Education Matters Updates Group 1
Education Matters Updates Group 2
Education Matters Updates Group 3
Education Matters Updates Group 4

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2 thoughts on “EdMatters Updates Creates Opportunities!

  1. Hallo. This is a great initiative thanks! One quick question: Do the WhatsApp groups post the same information? If so then one would need to join just one of the groups not all four. Thanks.

    1. All four EdMatters Updates groups post the same information so you only need to join one group.

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