USAP 2018 Applications Are Out!

The applications for the 2018 USAP Zimbabwe Program are out!  We are looking for determined, bright, students from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds who have just started their U6 final year of high school and will be writing A levels in 2018.  This new cohort of USAP students will begin the program during their April holidays, and work with the Education Matters team on their application process throughout 2018 to begin university studies at colleges and universities around the world in August 2019.

USAP students are academically-talented students, motivated from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds who exhibit clear leadership potential and a strong ethos of giving. We are looking for students for the new cohort from all over the country and are excited to hear the stories they will tell and the dreams they will pursue.

You can access and download an application here at this link. Alternatively check with your high school Head of School, as we will be distributing application packets to A level schools, or pick up a printed application from Education Matters office at 23 Connaught Road in Avondale, the American Space at 55 Jason Moyo Ave in Bulawayo or the Gweru Memorial Library.

Applications include O level results, F4 and L6 school reports, short answer questions and essays and a letter of recommendation. The application deadline is Monday, 26 February.

Apply for this fantastic opportunity to join a family of talented young people eager to access top higher education and committed to making a positive impact in the future of Zimbabwe. Get hold of your application and apply for USAP today!

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5 thoughts on “USAP 2018 Applications Are Out!

  1. I’m glad that they are people who know how to care for others in this world. Thanks to you USAP some people managed to archieve their goals and i believe many young people will succeed through you.

  2. Its amazing how the USAP family helps children to achieve their dreams and i would also like to be part of those pupils.

    1. We will be recruiting for the USAP Community School during the third term of 2019. There is no U6 USAP cohort in 2019.

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