USAP Forum Earlybird Registration Closes May 31

I remember the first time I heard about USAP- a dedicated family of high achievers.  A strong ethos of giving back, financial need, leadership qualities, and high academic excellence are what brought this family to its conception in 1999. With the aim of providing access to world class education to low-income students, the network continues to grow.

As a first year student at Smith College, having only read about USAP alums online, I feel very excited to see them this summer on my campus. How have they done it? Where are they? What kind of knowledge and advice are they going to share? As one of the youngest members of the USAP family, I’m hoping my older ‘siblings’ will be there to impart their wisdom. I look forward to knowing how they sailed through life at US Colleges.

USAP_ForumThe USAP network has spread over the African continent and across the great oceans, but like every family, always gets together. This year, we will gather at Smith College and Amherst College not only to celebrate our accomplishments as USAP students, but also to build networks within our community so we can make a wider impact in the world.

Join our team of high achievers! The USAP forum is being cohosted by Smith College and Amherst College on July 15-17 2016. There is no better way to connect, and experience the strong Five College community than by coming to this USAP Forum. Registration is only $150, but if you register by May 31, you will pay only $120. The early bird always catches the worm, so register now here!

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