29 USAP Students Begin Studies with over $7 million in Scholarships

Twenty nine USAP Zimbabwe students chosen from an applicant pool of over 700 have collectively earned over $7,728,212 in scholarships and financial assistance to study in seven countries internationally this month.   Harkening from geographically diverse regions of Zimbabwe, the 29 are pursuing a wide variety of fields of studies at universities in Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Korea, Scotland, South Africa and the United States.

We are confident that this third USAP cohort under Education Matters to start university studies is prepared to hit the ground running, having pursued internships and entrepreneurial ventures, community service projects, and pre-college courses offered by Education Matters during the eight months since they completed their A level studies. They have also benefited from the new Education Matters library where they have read a wide variety of quality fiction and non-fiction. Eight USAP students also traveled in April to the Republic of Somaliland for a weeklong intercultural and educational exchange program with the Abaarso School of Science and Technology .

USAP Class of 2018 are attending the following institutions:

Costa Rica – EARTH University

Ghana – Ashesi University

India – Ashoka University

Korea – SUNY Korea

Scotland – University of Edinburgh

South Africa – University of Cape Town

United States – Bennington, Berea, Bryn Mawr, Columbia, Franklin, Grinnell, Harvard, Kalamazoo, Lafayette, Lander, Lynn (Watson Institute), Northwestern, Rochester, Smith, St Augustine’s, University of Pennsylvania, Warren Wilson, Wheaton.

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2 thoughts on “29 USAP Students Begin Studies with over $7 million in Scholarships

  1. If i may be granded the scholarship i will be the first person in our family to attain a scholarship and to my former schools since most of the people don’t know much about the website so i will publish the website to people who lack knowledge and technical know how .

    1. i might have failed to make it to the final list of the class of 2018 but i just wanna thank the USAP family for the exposure through writing essays a lot and granting me my first ever formal interview with the whites. i really appreciate!.

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