USAP 2017 Applications Are Out!

The applications for the 2017 USAP Program are out!  We are looking for determined, bright, low-income students who have just started their U6 final year of high school and will be writing A levels in 2017.  This new cohort of USAP students will begin the program during their April holidays, and work with the Education Matters team on their application process throughout 2017 to begin university studies in August 2018.

USAP students are academically-talented students from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds who exhibit clear leadership potential and a strong ethos of giving. We are looking for 40 students for the new cohort from all over the country and are excited by the stories they will tell and the dreams they will pursue.  All finalists will be interviewed at locations around Zimbabwe.

Applications, which include O level results, school reports, essays and a letter of recommendation, are downloadable online from this link or paper applications can be picked up at the Education Matters office at 23 Connaught Road in Avondale, EducationUSA on the 7th floor of the Gold Bridge of Eastgate in Harare, the American Space at 55 Jason Moyo Ave in Bulawayo, Turner Memorial Library in Mutare or the Gweru Memorial Library.

The application deadline is Monday, 27 February. You will never know if you could be the next USAPer if you don’t apply. Get hold of your application and apply for USAP today!

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21 thoughts on “USAP 2017 Applications Are Out!

  1. Is it possible for me to apply , I finished my As 2016 , and im rural based . scored 20 points doing maths physics geography and further maths . 2014 I wrote my Os and got 9As and 2Bs

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I hope you are well.
    Would you please assist with a WORD version of the 2017 application form, if available.
    A million thank you’s for the amazing work you and your team do to assist young Zimbabweans.



  3. Greetings. Trying to get the usap 2017 application for for my brother but the link is not working please do help

        1. We do not offer scholarships but we administer programs which help students to access scholarships. Applications for those entering U6 for the USAP program will be available by next week on this site.

    1. No, there will be no USAP cohort for U6 students in 2019 as we concentrate on building the USAP Community School.

      1. Hi Rebecca
        Has there been any changes or any new thoughts n USAP admission for 2019 U6 students.
        If there has been any when are the online applications going to open?

        1. We are not having a USAP cohort in 2019 as we focus to open the USAP Community School ( in 2020.

          1. This year is an unfortunate one for us. Maybe God has greater plans , who knows ? No one knows.However , Mrs Mano, if l need any help with united states universities’ admission and scholarships is it possible to get it from you ? l really need help with that.

            Thank you in advance for your utmost consideration. l am waiting to hear from you.

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