Brian Mada Already Making Waves at DePaul

The Student Athlete Cohort at Education Matters works with highly determined students who wish to study at U.S. universities while bringing their sport to a higher level.  Brian Mada, formerly of St Faith’s Mission in Rusape, exemplifies the ethos of the cohort.  Self-coached, he woke daily to take himself to a self-styled jump pit in … Continue reading Brian Mada Already Making Waves at DePaul

Reflections: Education Does Matter

There are multiple true life stories of the power of education to lift a talented young person from poverty and powerlessness to a point of making a major impact on his or her family, community, even nation.  We may watch these stories in movies, read them in books or discover them online. However, once you meet an empowered … Continue reading Reflections: Education Does Matter