Three USAP Students Graduate From Harvard Med

Today we celebrate a remarkable feat that can be summarized in a simple headline: Harvard Medical School graduates three Zimbabwean USAP students.  Dr. Fallon Chipidza.  Dr. Portia Chipendo. Dr. Emmanuel Magara. Fallon attended Vainona High before getting a scholarship to complete A level at Regina Mundi in Gweru where she became the Headgirl.  Portia was at … Continue reading Three USAP Students Graduate From Harvard Med

Rest In Peace Energy Maburutse

It is with great sadness that we share the news that USAP and Lynn University alumnus Energy Maburutse died on February 24, 2016 at home in Zimbabwe. Energy was home in Honde Valley and developed a bad cough. He was brought to the local clinic where he was then admitted to the hospital where he died, with the brittle … Continue reading Rest In Peace Energy Maburutse

Reflections: The Spark

Every high school student applying to selective U.S. universities is seeking that magic formula that will land them a golden ticket – admission with the amount of financial assistance they need to attend.  They seek an elusive elixir of grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, leadership positions and the ultimate captivating and compelling essay.   I can’t count … Continue reading Reflections: The Spark

Last Chance: USAP Applications Due Feb 26, 2016

Education Matters is currently recruiting our next cohort for the United States Student Achievers Program (USAP).  We are looking for the brightest and most determined A level students from all over Zimbabwe’s ten provinces, future leaders who cannot afford to apply to universities overseas but who we know will excel if given the opportunity to do so. … Continue reading Last Chance: USAP Applications Due Feb 26, 2016